FERRIER SAS is a major operator in the fruits and vegetables business in south  France, increasing his know-how based on four main lines:

     - Supplying and production advice
     - Control and permanent increasing of the quality
     - Packing and logistic
     - Trading

     FERRIER supplies around a hundred wholesalers and multiples in France
     and Europe.


      FERRIER is federating 110 growers harvests, representing 2000 hectares of  fields, orchards, and vine yards located between the Costières, the Alpilles, the  Luberon and the Ventoux. In order to secure his supply, FERRIER has also created  his own grower society : AGRIFER, and imports some productions from Morocco.


     1999 FERRIER obtained his first integrate farm management certification,  developed on the salads range.
  •  Today keeping in mind our main target, food safety, we enforced our production  supply, leading the growers with the certification.
     The Provence area is located in a well developed road net, in that way we can
     limit the food miles to bring our goods on the ways to customers.
     Sunshine and well established watering net, enforce an agriculture with a few  water requirement.


     In the pack-house we have all the facilities to ensure the maintain of the cold  chain all long the process, from the packing to the final order.
     The quality control is based on the following: Analysis of residues level,  organoleptic tests, homogeneity and weight control.
     Computerised traceability is warranty form the fields to the final consumer.
     Our facilities make possible a personalised packaging or pre-packing according to  the customers desire, the trading team will always be at your disposal to find out  the best way, to make you a satisfied client with a regular supply with the best  security.
  •  Ferrier supplies four ranges of products under the following brandnames:
     For any questions on volumes, productions calendars, prices…
     please contact our trading team
     (lien contact)


     Aladines is the safe way to offer the complete range of Provence salads, produced  with the principles of Integrated Farm Management. It guarantees stringent
     quality control and total traceability.

     - Lettuce, green Batavia, red and green Oak-leaf, cos Lettuce, Lolo bionda and  Lolo rossa from September to May,
     - Coarse and fine Frisee and Escarole throughout the year.

     Our salads are packed in new branded wooden boxes but we can also meet  requests for plastic containers.

     To improve hygiene at the point of sale, FERRIER supplies the whole of the  Aladines range in micro-perforated wraps. Wraps improve preservation and limit  waste and help to maximize the retailer's profitability.

     Soladines is FERRIER's brand for Provence vegetables, especially courgettes.  Following the season, we also supply fresh onions, aubergines, peppers ...

     The brand's quality shows our commitment to the production of healthy and tasty  food. We also produce courgettes in Morocco during the winter season.


     Our melons are produced by dedicated and demanding growers, who have long  understood that their future depends on consumer satisfaction.

     Our packaging unit in Sénas allows us to stagger our supply from different  production areas; this enables us to guarantee optimal maturity and sugar content  for each variety throughout the summer.

     The FERRIER melon is packed, full of sunshine, into cardboard cases and offers  the very best of the region. Its flavours and aromas are those of traditional  agriculture.

     In order to increase the season, we also import melons from Moroccan partners  growers.

     Our Provence summer fruits brand offers apricots and table grapes:

     - Our apricots are mostly grown in the Gard area. Varieties are Orangered,  Robada, Haromgem, Bergarouge, Orange Ruby, Bergeron ...

     - Throughout the harvest, we offer Prima, Cardinal, Lival, Ora, Chasselas,  Lavallée, Danlas, Muscat de Hambourg and Ribol table grapes.

     All our fruit are packed in new branded cardboard cases 40x30 or in wooden
     boxes 60x40. In order to protect apricots and table grapes from bruising,
     we pack them with cardboard separators.